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Mixer Stage Box




Frequency response:
Product description

Product Parameter

•・16 MIC/Line input and 1 digital input: optical fiber/sound card, MP3

•・Input channel sound image adjustment

•・With feedback suppressor

•・AutoMixer function

•・MIC input gain adjustment (digital gain)

•・+48V phantom power (MIC channels can be turned on and off independently)

•・Built-in noise gate, compressor, high and low pass, input 5-segment parameter balance, delay, output channel sound image balance adjustment

•・Quick copy function of channel parameters

•・Input and output EQ ON/OFF

•・Multi-function knob, direction button

•・Each channel has a multi-function menu, mute and monitor

•・8 signal output

•・Output processing: high and low pass filtering, 11-band parametric equalization, compressor, delay, phase

•・Digital recording function

•・Dual row 3-color 12-segment level indicator

•・Built-in sound card (MP3, PC play music directly)

•・4 shortcut scene recall modes, 20 scene storage

•・Storage and retrieval of user parameters (can be managed on the PC side)

•・Built-in two DSP effects

•・Optical input/output

•・Multi-operating system control software (IOS system, Android system, WINDOWS system)

•・ Support wired network port adjustment (or external router wireless adjustment)

•・Open 232 central control control protocol

• One key to restore factory settings

•・4.3 inch 480*272 resistive touch screen

Machine size/weight

Length, width and height: 480*290*100MM (length includes 6.35 input seat, width includes side panel, height includes machine feet; does not include knob)

Net weight: Gross weight:

Package dimensions:


Application occasions: conference rooms, multi-function halls, small performances, small bands, governments, schools, bars, wedding companies, rental companies, banquet halls, military, cultural auditoriums, cultural centers, exhibitions, etc.