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T-16 16 Channel Digital Mixer




Frequency response:
Product description

1.20/24/32 Channels Input(20/24/32 MIC Input and 1 Stereo Input) Digital Input:Optical Fiber/Sound Card and MP3

2.Input channel sound balance adjustment.

3.MIC Input digital gain Input.

4.+48V phantom power(MIC channel ON/OFF Independently)

5.Built-in compressor,high and low pass filter,5 segment parameter equalization ,delay,Input channel sound balance adjustment 

6.Channel parameter fast copy function. 

7.Input and Output EQ ON/OFF. 

8.Multi-functional button. 

9.Each channel has Multi-functional menu,mute,monitor button. 

10.Each channel with 100MM motorized fader,signal light,peak light(33 motorized faders )

11.12channels output(Main output L,R 6 Aux output,4 group output) 

12.AUX Output(Pre fader ,Post fader) 

13.Output processing:High and low pass filter,15 Segment Parameter Balance,compressor,delay,phase 

14.Digital recording function. 

15.Double row,3color,12stage level indicator light. 

16.Built-in Sound Card(MP3,PC Play music directly)

17.4 shortcut scene transfer mode,20 scene storage. 

18.User parameter storage and transfer(can be managed on PC ) 

19.Built-in dual DSP effect.

20.FX pedal switch interface.

21.Optical fiber Input and Output.

22.Multi operating system manipulation software(ISO System,Windows system),English/Chinese 23.Support wired network port adjustment(or external router wireless regulation) 

24.7 Inch 800*480 High-definitio